FAQ – Mentors


How do I register myself to become a mentor?

In order to become a mentor, you must form a group of 4-6 fellow students. Together you must write a motivation letter and send it to intropsy@student.ru.nl before 23:59 on April 2nd. Check under the header Mentors –> Become a mentor! for more information about what needs to be included in the letter.

How am I able to increase my chances of success for our group to be chosen as a mentors? 

Each year it’s very popular to become a mentor. Unfortunately, this means we sometimes have to turn down mentor groups. The best tip we can give you as IC is to write the most amazing letter you can think of. Show us exactly who you are and why you will make amazing and responsible mentors. Think out of the box, make your letter stand out, surprise us. These letters are the representation of your group, so we’ll be making our judgments based on the letters entirely.

How can we best prepare as a mentorgroup? 

With the Introduction Week approaching, more and more preparation is to be expected. We organize an annual mentors weekend. This weekend will help prepare you for life as a mentor and will allow you to get to know all your fellow mentors.

Further, there will be a final mentor meeting about all of the information regarding the Introduction week (the programme) and what we expect of you as mentors. This will take place in the week of 28th of June. The specific date will be announced later.

It can come in handy to create a Facebook or WhatsApp group where you can add members of your mentor group. This way, you can talk with your group members in advance and discuss whether everyone is fully prepared for the Introduction week (sleeping places, bicycles, etc.).

When will we find out if our group has become a definitive mentor group? 

As the Introduction Committee, we hold a meeting shortly after receiving all the mentor group letters of which we select the mentor groups. Following this meeting the results will be announced very soon. You’ll be able to find out whether you have become a definitive mentor group within 2 weeks after the deadline of the letters.

When will we find out who are assigned to our mentor group?

The registrations for the Introduction week will start to flood in at the administrations office of the university first, who then hand them over to us. We process this information and create groups, after which we will hand the list with your group members to you. This might be only a week before the actual Introduction week as the process is rather time consuming.

What is the Mentors weekend? 

If your group has passed the selection, you are automatically allowed to take part in the legendary Mentors weekend as well. This is a weekend-long trip, organised by IC for all the mentors. The weekend is filled with games and parties and it’s a great way to get acquainted with fellow mentors. Furthermore, some essential information will be shared such as case studies about situations that may occur during the Introduction Week as well as the theme and programme of the Introduction Week. Thus, the perfect preparation for the Introduction week!


What are we supposed to when something doesn’t go according to plan in our mentor group or other issues occur?

The possibility could arise that one of your group members experiences difficulties, that someone needs some extra help, or that the relations between you as mentors aren’t going as well as planned.

Firstly, try to solve this within your group by talking about it and if that doesn’t work come to us (the Introduction Committee). We’re ready to help with all questions, comments, uncertainties or other difficult issues. We as the IC are here for everyone during the Introduction Week. So don’t be shy and talk to us!

If you have some more personal problems, we have a specially assigned trust person: Romy Moonen. Be sure to check the header Introduction Committee –> Who are we? to see who exactly we are and to be able to recognise Romy if you need her.