During the Introduction Week you will be guided by a group of senior psychology students, your mentors. They have had extensive training and can help you with all your questions and problems. About a week before the start of the Introduction Week you will receive a personal letter from your mentors. They will introduce themselves and provide important information about the upcoming week. Read this letter carefully, because you will need this information to be well prepared for the Introduction Week! If you have questions or experience problems prior to the Introduction Week, it is best to contact your mentors.
During the Introduction Week your mentors are, of course, the first point of contact. They will guide you through all activities. Therefore, they are always ready to help you with questions and problems! If your mentors experience difficulty finding a solution, they will call in the help of the Introduction Committee.
Are you a senior psychology student and do you want to become a mentor during the upcoming Introduction Week? Please find more information under the header ‘Become a mentor!’.