Introduction committee

Who organises the Introduction Week of Psychology?
The Introduction Week is organised by the Introduction Committee Psychology (IC). We are an independent foundation consisting of twelve psychology students. Three members form the board including a chair, vice-chair and treasurer. Besides, we have a trust person and 8 other enthusiastic members. Under the heading “Who are we?” you can find more information about us as the Introduction Committee.

What does the Introduction Committee do?
As Introduction Committee (IC), we are responsible for organising the Introduction Week for the new Psychology students of the Radboud University. By organising meetings and keeping contact with external people, we try to create a programme for the Introduction Week containing try-out lectures, parties, tours through the city and campus and many more activities.

What happens in the Introduction Committee?
Once a week, a general meeting takes place. During this meeting, all the general affairs will be discussed in which the entire committee has a say. The IC is divided into smaller subcommittees, consisting of an average of 3 people. Each subcommittee is responsible for a part of the Introduction week. For example, organising a certain party or activity but also creating the Introduction Magazine or handling registrations for the Introduction Week itself. Each subcommittee also has its own chair who is the main responsible member. These subcommittees will all have their own meetings and will bring their affairs to the general meeting to discuss the progression they have made.

Besides the general meetings we also have a bi-weekly drink. These drinks are mainly meant to get to know each other in a non-formal setting and further ameliorate cooperation. The general meetings and drinks are not the only activities the IC organises. Throughout the year, several activities will be organised, such as dinners, events with the IC or the board of SPiN (the study association of Psychology) and weekend trips.

Prior to and during the Introduction Week, we will also be the first point of contact for first year students, as for the mentors. They can contact us to ask questions and/or discuss any difficulties and, of course, always come to us for a nice informal conversation.

The contact with Psychology students from all around the study programme, combined with the fact that you will become a part of a new group in which creativity and ideas can be shared, is according to us one of the important benefits of being a member of the Introduction Committee.

Have you become interested in joining the Introduction Committee after reading this story? Then keep a close eye on the website and our social media next October, because we will be looking for new members!