Become a mentor!

The mentor’s registration of 2021 are opend till April 2nd 23:59h

Registration procedure
Are you an enthusiastic psychology student, who wants to give a group of upcoming psychology students an unforgettable experience this summer during the Introduction Week? Then we are looking for you! If you want to become a mentor, you can form a group of 4 to 6 people. In 2020, the Introduction Week will take place from 23 – 26 August.

You can sign up by sending a motivation letter to The following things should be included in the letter:

– Who you are (names, student numbers, birthdates, gender, tracks & year of study, e-mail addresses, who of you has a room in Nijmegen and who masters English).
– Who will be the primary and secondary contact persons in your group (they will get some more responsibilities).
– What your group preference is (Dutch group, international group or no preference)*.
– We would of course like to see a nice photo of your group so we can get to know your faces!
– In about 200 words describe how your group would deal with the following case:

“During the Introduction Week you notice that a few group members are skipping some of the activities. Because of this behavior, the rest of your group starts to lose interest in the remainder activities. How would you as a mentor handle this problem?”

Your letter can have a length of maximum one and a half a4, including the solution for the case.

*We cannot make any promises of what group you will get, as we have no way of predicting the number of registrants. Naturally, we will provide you with more information about your final group once we know more. This will most likely be during the summer holidays.


Moments of preparation
If you’re a mentor during the upcoming Introduction Week, there will be several moment where you will be able to prepare for being a mentor.

Mentor Meeting
Firstly, we will organise a mentor meeting which takes place just before the summer holiday (date, time and place will be announced via e-mail). During this meeting you will receive a mentor protocol that we will go through together. This protocol contains all sorts of practical information about the Introduction Week, contact details of those you can reach in case of problems, and of course the programme of the Introduction Week. After this meeting you know exactly what awaits you as a mentor!

Mentor Preparation Day
Secondly, there will be a mentor preparation day, organised by the university. During this training, you will be provided with some helpful tips for potential problematic situations which might arise during the Introduction Week. With fellow mentors from different study programmes, you will learn about do’s and don’ts of being a mentor.


To conclude
Finally, at the start of the Introduction, what is something you should you not forget? The most important aspect is guiding the freshman students and, above all, having a good time together! Further, it is necessary to always keep your mentor protocol with you. Of course, you can always contact one of the Introduction Committee members if you have questions or if there are any problems!