Become a mentor!

Registration procedure
Are you an enthusiastic psychology student, who wants to give a group of upcoming psychology students an unforgettable experience this summer during the Introduction Week? Then we are looking for you! If you want to become a mentor, you are supposed to form a small group with 4 to 5 people (including yourself). This year the Introduction Week will take place from 18 – 25 August 2019, with Psyched x Insomnia as a cracking end on the Friday night of the Intro Festival.

Unfortunately, the registration procedure for the Introduction Week 2019 has already been completed. Around March 2020 we will be looking for new mentors again. So keep an eye on our Facebook page and Website around that time!


Moments of preparation
If you’re a mentor during the upcoming introduction week, there will be several moment where you will be able to prepare for being a mentor.


Mentor Meeting
Firstly, we will organise a mentor meeting which takes place just before the summer holiday (date, time and place will be announced via e-mail). During this meeting you will receive a mentor protocol that we will go through together. This protocol contains all sorts of practical information about the Introduction Week, contact details of those you can reach in case of problems and of course the programme of the Introduction. After this meeting you know exactly what awaits you as a mentor!


Mentor Preparation Day
Secondly, there will be a mentor preparation day, organised by the university. During this training, you will be provided with some helpful tips for potential problematic situations which might arise during the Introduction week. With fellow mentors from different study programmes, you will learn about do’s and don’ts of being a mentor.


To conclude
Finally, at the start of the Introduction, what is something you should you not forget?? The most important aspect is guiding the freshman students and, above all, have fun together! Besides, it is necessary to always keep your mentor protocol with you. Of course, you can always contact one of the IC members if you have questions or if there are any problems!