FAQ – Freshmen


 Who can I contact when I have a personal question or problem? 

Your mentors will be helping you during the Introduction week, you can always talk to them. If this isn’t the case, if you have something which you want us as an organisation to know or are you having trouble with something else? Then you can always address someone of the Introduction Committee. We are here to grant every individual new student an unforgettable Introduction week experience and we want to know everything. Besides this, the Introduction Committee also has a special trust person: Mats Akkermans. Please check the header “Introduction Committee –> ‘Who are we?'” to find out who he is.

And then? How does it all start? Where am I supposed to go? 

Before the Introduction week starts, you’ll be sent a ton of information. This is general information from the Radboud University about the Introduction week, but also specifically
from the mentors of the mentor group which you’ve been assigned. Here, you’ll find information about your mentors themselves and what is going to happen on the first Sunday of the Introduction week (18th of August). There will be noted a time and location in the letter where you will gather for the first time. Might you have problems regarding the meeting point and can’t reach your mentors or anyone else, feel free to visit us (the Introduction Committee) on campus from 2 PM. All the Introduction weeks will start at the same moment on Sunday and all the study courses are represented on the campus of the university. We too have a little stand and are ready for any questions which you might have.

How can I prepare myself? 

Two important things which you’ll need to acquire before the Introduction week are a sleeping location and a bicycle. If you’re not from Nijmegen or aren’t that familiar with Nijmegen, it might be difficult acquiring a sleeping place. You might be able to find a room via Facebook by looking at ‘Kamersite Nijmegen’ or via kamernet.nl. If this doesn’t work, experience has taught us that a lot of Introduction participants have connections via friends, aunts, uncles, grandmothers and – father, ex-neighbours; almost everyone knows at least a couple of people from Nijmegen. If you’re not from Nijmegen, be sure to contact your mentors a while before the Introduction week. They might know how to acquire a sleeping place. Also, student associations (such as Ovum Novum and Carolus Magnus) and sororities and fraternities hand out sleeping locations on a large scale. This might be a way to still get a room if you don’t have any points of contact in Nijmegen. You might also be able to sleep over at one of your fellow mentor group members. A bicycle is also a staple of the Introduction week. You’ll have to be able to get from point A to point B on the regular; it would be unhandy if you would have to hitch a ride or travel by bus everywhere. If you don’t own a bike, be sure to check for an “OV fiets”, Swapfiets or a second-hand bicycle store in Nijmegen.  Besides this, you don’t have to prepare that much else. Please make sure to bring enough
clothing: for nice weather, less nice weather, sporting clothes and clothing for the two theme parties. Please make sure to also bring enough money for the entire week.

What’s the deal with the Introduction weekend? Is this part of the programme? Is it mandatory?  

This year, there will be no introduction weekend due to COVID-19.

I wasn’t able to register myself on time, but I still want to participate in the Introduction Week! What do I need to do now?

No worries! On the first Sunday (18th of August) we will be on campus as the Introduction Committee at a stand. We will be there answering questions, but also for the post-registrations. Haven’t you been able to register yourself successfully beforehand? Then visit us on that Sunday after 2 PM. We will assign you to a mentor group on the spot. We’ll call your new mentors and they will come pick up shortly, so you will be able to join your new group.

I’m not able to be present during the entire Introduction week because of a holiday/festival/etc. Can I join later on? 

Sometimes you might have something else to, making you unable to join from the start on. In these cases it’s entirely possible (and recommended) to join later on. Are you someone who’s only able to join the Introduction week later on? We’ll handle it for you! Send us an e-mail at intropsy@student.ru.nl.

Am I missing something when I don’t participate in the Introduction week? 

The Introduction week is a possibility to help you get familiar with all aspects of your new student life. Besides, you’ll meet all sorts of people who may accompany you in this new part of your life. You’ll also learn a lot more about the university where you’ll be walking the following years, what your study course looks like, what the city itself has to offer and where you’ll be able to have fun. What’s even more important is that very often, first year students stick with the people from their mentor group, them being their main points of contact in during the first study course year. The Introduction week is absolutely not mandatory, and you will still have an awesome time during your study course, but participating in the Introduction week will definitely improve your student life

Do I have to register for the Introduction week?

Yes, you must register yourself for the Introduction week. You can do this on the official website of the Introduction week of the Radboud University: www.ru.nl/introductie

What are going to do exactly?

As soon as the definitive programme of the Introduction week is announced, we’ll place it on this website. You’ll then be able to find the programme under “Programme”. Be sure to take into account trial lectures, fun games, the City tour, Campus tour and the legendary parties!

What exactly is the Introduction week?

The Introduction week of a study course is period of a week taking place just before the beginning of the first study course year, where new students will be introduced to their study course, the student life and all that comes with. In 2019, the Introduction will take place from Sunday 18th of August until Sunday 25th of August.

What am I to expect?

The Introduction week is a spectacular way to start off your student life and, according to a lot of students, one of the most fun periods they’ve experienced! Along with 12-18 fellow Introduction participants you’ll form a mentor group, guided by a couple of enthusiastic and fun senior students: your mentors. They’ll help you during the Introduction week to get acquainted with several aspects of your student life: your study course, the university, your fellow students, the city and partying.

Who organises the Introduction week? 

The Radboud University has a (small) general programme, but besides that, every study course has an Introduction Committee which organises a full Introduction programme for their own study course. For more information about us, be sure to check the header ‘Introduction Committee’.